View Full Version : radiator tips

05-19-2010, 08:38 AM
most of you bucketheads may already know this but in my dads 23 we used a radiator from a 65 ford truck with a 300 6cly, that put the outlets on the right sides for a sbc, we just trimmed the sides off where it would have mounted to the core support in the truck and added a piece of angle iron on each side close to the bottom to mount it in the bucket. on my bucket i found a radiator from a 63/64 fairalane with the 260 v-8 and did the same to it , the only difference was the top outlet was more to the left side so i had to use a swivle thermostat housing on my sbc, the bottom outlet however was on the correct side already.hope this helps somebody, no heating issues but these motors are not race engines both are .030 over bore , his is stock ,mine has a 280 comp cam , both have 4 eyebrow flattop pistons. not sure hoe these radiators would cool with a big bore high compression bad boy motor.