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01-26-2011, 08:02 PM
I just sent an e-mail to everyone who is a member of the Bash site inviting them to come over this weekend and hang for a while. So if you all don't mind and would do me a favor, invite some of your friends and lets get this place hoppin. I even got some party poppers for the event and who knows maybe we can get Lee in KC to tell some more storys.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/7nortkry6rw" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>

01-26-2011, 10:44 PM
One day I'll make it up your way, you guys have too much fun and I am sure there's always room for one more. Take care...

01-28-2011, 07:20 PM
The party starts right after I get back from dinner. My bondo sanding party that is, but I'll be checking the board to keep an eye on you all. If Lee in KC starts telling stories someone may need to be the designated driver.

01-28-2011, 07:24 PM
And he needs copyright protection on his verse, he is good and entertaining.

01-28-2011, 08:27 PM
Well, who is going to pop the cap off the 1st bottle at this party, I see 7 of lurking.

01-28-2011, 08:36 PM
Was someone suppose to count this down? OK 3, 2, 1, POST.

Dennis Bynum
01-29-2011, 07:31 AM
Good morning all. going to be nice here in sprngfld mo. so I am going to get bucket out this afternoon.Chores this morning, check on you all later.