View Full Version : Live broadcast Sun 26 Aug.

08-25-2007, 07:00 PM
We are going to do a live broadcast Sunday the 26th of Aug. at 7:00pm central The web address is http://www.helloworld.com:80/members_myworld.aspx?ID=1spirit&target=show

08-26-2007, 06:56 PM
Alright gang, we're about to go live....stay tuned!!!

08-26-2007, 07:07 PM
can't get it to hook up

08-26-2007, 07:08 PM
7:09pm went to the show icon would not open

08-26-2007, 07:52 PM
Worked for me, sound was OK but video was choppy due to my computer... Very interested in the front end build as I should have my kit next week. :)

08-26-2007, 07:54 PM
When do the reruns start? I enjoyed this one, and I'm looking forward to the next. thanks BC and Spirit, see you next week lol.

08-26-2007, 09:25 PM
I appreciate the feed back. We learned a lot on the technical side of things. It should be better that way next time. Let me know what you want to see and if it is possible we will show that. We don't want to be T bucket's only but that is my passion.
Next show will be this Wed. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for your input

08-27-2007, 11:13 AM
http://www.helloworld.com:80/members_myworld.aspx?uID=80153&target=show&recID=53087 This should be a link to a rerun. We may be a little ahead of the wave but you sure can't surf from the back side of the wave. Technology is coming fast so if you stay tuned you can say I seen it first and was there in the beginning. Helloworld.

08-27-2007, 04:51 PM
Great show ,i was unable to make the hook up on the live show but the rerun worked great, will be looking forward to more. two things slowing me down are mounting the bed and cutting and glassing the new dash.

08-27-2007, 05:49 PM
We have got some great feedback and will make changes as we go with you alls help. We want to keep the show in the 40-50 min range and not be all tec but do a lot of tec stuff. Body and glass will be something we deal with soon and installing a bed would be a good project as we do that a couple times a week already we can show the project in several stages.

08-27-2007, 07:47 PM
great. Lots of good tech stuff. one suggestion. When moving from one place to another try mounting your camera on a tri-pod that is on wheels. Stops a lot of the jerking motion while filming.

08-30-2007, 09:15 PM
:confused: Hi
there was some discussion on a second class this past week.......did I miss it?

08-31-2007, 04:21 PM
i don't know about a class but i thought there was going to be a wednesday night show

09-01-2007, 12:09 PM
BC, saw the show for the first time today 9-1-07. Thanks for reruns. Great show and thank you for doing the front end. Looking forward to the next show.


09-01-2007, 09:23 PM
We are in Illinois this week end and then we are delivering a bucket to Minnesota. We will be back next week and plan on doing the show in the glass shop and do some body and glass work as the tec portion of the show. I will keep everyone posted as to the time and day.