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02-02-2011, 10:25 PM
Lets list as many bucket events that we know about with places, dates, and contacts.

When we started Spirit Industries in 1994 the Tbucket seemed to be almost forgotten, it was hard to find one in the magazines let alone featured. Now I feel like we are almost main stream. I know everyone in Mountain Home knows what a T Bucket is. I would like to know about other places that support our hobby and how we can support it's growth.

02-02-2011, 11:51 PM
Bob & Gang,

I will list 3, all of them I attend (oops, maybe that might be a non-endorsement)

Presents the
7th Annual 101 Fun Run
DATE: August 5th & 6th, 2011
TIME: Friday Aug. 5th – 10:00 am-9:00 pm /Sat. Aug. 6th - 7:00 am-7:00 pm
PLACE: Encinitas, CA, 92024
PRICE: $25.00 per vehicle; includes driver, one T-shirt and dash magnet.
Come join us for a good time of cruising and a car show at Crusin Grand in Escondido, CA on Friday. Saturday is the famous 101 Fun Run from Encinitas to who knows where and back to Encinitas. This cruise is for T-Buckets only.
To get t-shirt
CONTACT: (All activities are subject to change)
Dennis Mahar
534 Gardendale Rd
Encinitas, Ca 92024
(760) 519-2207 or (760) 634-2614

Jeff & Kathy Hall, Kent Donalson, Bob Barrail, Carolyn and I all attended Fred’s Fun Run in Sierra Vista last weekend. I think I can speak for everyone, that we all had a great time. There were 53 T-Buckets present from New Mexico, Arizona, California, Washington and Oregon. Friday we cruised to the Outback Steak House for free breakfast burritos. We then cruised to Tombstone and had a burger burn at the Tombstone Silver Mine. Several of us took the silver mine tour, which I thought was excellent. We saw the sights and sounds of Tombstone during the 1800’s, including BOOTHILL. Friday night was the local car show at one of the deli’s( a name I can’t write or pronounce). Saturday we had the show and shine at the Sierra Vista Diner. There was a ladies lipstick run and a poker run. Carolyn and I had the worst hand and we received $50.00 for our participation. Kent Donalson took home the Best of Show award. His T-Bucket will be on the t-Shirt on next year’s fun run. Way to go Kent!!!

Free Dyno pulls, about 25 Ts laid down the ponies to the 2000# roller. Some interesting number's, like Bob "deckofficer" full engine enclosed Track T that because of the cover a lot of us assumed a Pinto 2.3 L till he started it up and proceeded to the rollers and laid down 433 lb/ft @ 2800. Dyno operator asked him if he was running a built Rock Crawler motor.

Hope everyone can attend next year’s Fred’s Fun Run. So mark your calendars for November 4-5, 2011. Once you go, you will go every year.

Picture I am sure will be posted on the club web site in the near future.

OK. me again, I can't find the event info for the one in March San Diego County which will be at, but when I find it, I'll post it.

02-03-2011, 10:06 AM
The NTTB is hosting a "mini T Bucket nationals" along with another club in Shreveport LA on April 8-9.

The NTBA nationals are June 23-25 in Dayton OH.

02-03-2011, 10:31 AM
Thanks Guys. Lets keep the list going I know there is more. If you have contacts, dates, and places that would be helpfull. Web sited also if there is one. When we have the list I will post it on the Bash home page.

02-07-2011, 08:27 PM
May 1st - Bay Shore, Long Island NY

It's the day I am looking to roll mine down the street on its own power ! Biggest Bash Ever !!! :-)
Burgers and Beer for all who stand by with a fire extinguisher !

Sorry... could not resist

02-12-2011, 11:10 PM
What about the MO mini nats who has some info on that?

02-13-2011, 10:20 AM
BC, the number one complaint about T buckets and I'm sure this comes to no suprise is "lack of leg room". Up here, I have only seen one stretch body T that wasn't a tub. You get my Spirit long body up to me and I'll hit the car shows and do my part to get T's back into the minds of hotrodders. Heck if I get mine done before the bash starts, maybe I can get a long distance award;), it would be all primer though.:eek: My wife thinks I'm crazy (2136 miles), but I have rode my Harley all day for 7 days straight so I'm thinkin it is doable with a boatload of vicadin that is.

Dennis Bynum
02-13-2011, 10:23 AM
Come on SSTOCK. I'm makin the long distance driving award. Bring it in primer, I bet it will still look better than mine and I been working on it for 8 1/2 years!

Lee in KC
02-13-2011, 11:56 AM
MO Mini-Nats link... http://www.cowtownts.com/2011%20Mini%20NATS%20Poster.pdf

02-13-2011, 12:58 PM
Come on SSTOCK. I'm makin the long distance driving award. Bring it in primer, I bet it will still look better than mine and I been working on it for 8 1/2 years!

OK then, then it is back in BC's hands. I need my Stage 3 deluxe stretch body kit, much work to be done.:)