View Full Version : Rear end ride hight and pinion angle

09-30-2007, 02:36 PM
I'm setting up the rear end of my bucket and I need some idea about ride hight of a finished bucket. I need to make up a pair of dummy coil overs to set the chassis at ride hight so I can get the rear set at the correct angle.

If some one with a finished car could measure the distance from the top of the axle to the bottom of the frame, or from center to center of the coil over mounting bolts. It would be a great help.


10-04-2007, 07:09 AM
All of these cars are different and it also will depend on which coil overs you are going to use. To dummy up a chassis. Pick out what coil overs you are going to use and get those specs, from center to center on the holes. Then figure you will need about 3" of compression and use some 1" square tube to take the place of the shocks. Say you are going to use coil overs with a c to c of 16" use a pc of tube and drill the holes on 13" centers....this will get you real close as the coil overs are adjustable.

When I built my last bucket I used a Moroso 4 link in it for a drag car. I went and found a box that a washing machine came in and cut it open and laid it on the shop floor. I then drew the rear suspension full size on the box. It was a lot cheaper than wasting steel and it was easy to make corrcetions.

10-04-2007, 07:22 PM
Thank you RPM
"3" of compression" Now see, RPM thats what I was looking for... 3 inches of "sag"

Already made up a pair of adjustable dummy shocks and had guessed at it by looking at photos on line. I got close at 31/2 to 4"

The suspensions in most cars is very simple when compared to large trucks. I work with them all day long, just finished building up a "glider". A Glider is a truck chassis with the cab, engine, transmission and front Axel but no rear axle or suspension. I installed an Eaton triple (three drive axles) two steering lift axles forward and one rear of the drives, for a total of 7 axels... Had to drill 650 plus holes though triple frame rail to mount all of the suspension and crosmembers.