View Full Version : turn key 27 completed

bro t
07-12-2008, 04:27 AM
27 turn key spirit car is ready for the bash.work began months back and our goal was to be done by the time of the bash.B.C. was on his knees finishing a few minor details Friday.my grandson was present for several hours during the completion. he said,paps is this really happening? look for the kid with this huge smile on his face riding in a blue 27 with a christian flag painted on the side and you will see one excited eleven year old.spirit has turned out two 27s in the past week.one belongs to a law enforcement officer and the other to a preacher.kind of like the sequence of the Bible. first you have the law and then you have grace.both created by the spirit.someone ask me at church would there be hot rods in heaven. i said yes based upon the scripture that says jehu drove furiously!burning out on streets of gold is a reward reserved in heaven for all of us born again bucketheads.