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bro t
07-23-2008, 04:27 PM
The buckethead bash in Mountain Home was great.After working with the Spirit folks for months my car was ready to drive in the bash. There was a slight problem.When I backed out of my carport there were no brakes! I went all the way accross the cove before getting my t bucket stopped. My wife thought I was showing off. I was petrified! As a matter of fact a quick trip to the bathroom was in order. We got the brakes fixed and we were off on the Friday evening cruise. I followed way back of the car in front. At our stop in Norfork a gentleman told me he thought I had been driving in second all the way. Sure enough he was right. Travelling to Gasville I tried to get the car to shift. I don't know what I did but suddenly the tires squalled,threw up a cloud of black smoke,and a huge vapor cloud blew out the passenger side.I was just trying to get to Gassville.When we arrived some one said do you know you blew a gasket out on the cruise. About that time I discover my watercooler in the front floorboard had turned over and had apparently spilled ice cold water on my exhaust! Thus the vapor cloud. Saturday we had breakfast at church. It was nice and everyone was so complementary. Then we did a Vacation Bible School parade through the neighborhood.What a great way to get people out of there houses. Driving through the neighborhood with four t buckets, a tractor pulling a trailor with a bunch of children on it,a church bus , and a bunch of adults handing out invitations to come sign up for vbs and get a ride in a t bucket sure worked. We rode kids around on the parking lot for a while. I must confess the children kept calling for me to burn out I did it with joy. I LEFT MY MARK SEVERAL TIMES RIGHT AT THE FRONT DOOR OF THE CHURCH. YOU may be saying what an awful thing to do. WELL I AM THE PREACHER. The bash was a blast. Hope we do it again next year.

01-23-2009, 05:23 PM
Well if the power team can tear phone books up i dont know why you cant do burnouts.