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08-28-2008, 11:37 AM
Titling your Street Rod:

Different states, cities and counties are going to be different. You should always check with your local DMV office and see what is the best way for titling your car. You can buy an original title. There are still companies out there that sell original titles. Check in the back of Rod and Custom magazine. When you buy a kit or turnkey from Spirit Industries we offer a MSO and VIN plates. The MSO will read the current year. If you finish it in 2008 your MSO will read 2008.

Sema Street Rod Bill:

The SEMA Street Rod/Custom Vehicle Bill addresses titling, legislation and regulations related to hot rods. Developed by SEMA, this bill provides standard definitions for street rods, kit cars, custom vehicles and replica cars. It promotes reasonable and fair registration requirements. Some of the most important aspects of the bill include:

Defining a street rod and a custom vehicle and creating specific registration classes and license plates for them.
Assigning the same model-year designation to a replica vehicle or kit as the production vehicle it most closely resembles.
Exempting street rods and custom vehicles from periodic vehicle inspections and emissions inspection.
Exempting street rods and custom vehicles from a range of standard-equipment requirements and allowing the use of blue dot taillights.
Allowing properly titled street rods and custom vehicles to be used for occasional transportation, exhibitions and parades, etc.

To date, 17 states have enacted versions of the SEMA Street rod Bill, and 10 states are currently discussing the bill. Spirit Industries worked with Rep. Johnny Key and SEMA to get the law passed in Arkansas.

If you would like to help get this bill passed in your state just contact your State Legislator or Contact SEMA:

P.O. Box 4910
Diamond Bar, CA 91765-0910
Phone: 909.396.0289
Fax: 909.860.1709

Also you can visit http://www.semasan.com/san/ContactYourLegislator.aspx to get a hold of your local and state elected official to get this bill passed.

08-28-2008, 07:36 PM
Do you offer an MSO and VIN plates for a chassis kit, or does it have to be a kit that includes a body?