View Full Version : Darryl Starbird show in Tulsa

01-07-2009, 10:20 PM
The big Darryl Starbird show is going to be in Tulsa, February 20 - 22. This is a huge indoor show. $20,000.00 goes to the winner. Get registered for this event it is a blast. The largest indoor car show around here. Over 1000 cars will be there. Info @ www.darrylstarbird.com

01-08-2009, 04:31 PM
It's a great show and we will be building a C cab at the show.

01-08-2009, 09:05 PM
Look forward to seeing you there, look me up when you get there. chris miller

01-23-2009, 01:39 PM
I live in Tulsa so i will be there for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-06-2009, 09:34 PM
Starbird show in Tulsa is approaching Feb. 20 - Feb 22 . There will be lots of t-buckets at the show. There will be cars that won awards from the SEMA show from Vegas there as well. This show is one of a kind and $20,000.00 goes to the winner. No other show like it around, come and check it out stop by and say Hi info at http://www.darrylstarbird.com/showtime.htm