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dangileri 03-01-2011 09:45 PM

Need some guidance
Bob and All Model A fans -

Tonight while out to dinner with friends - a buddy asked to see how my son's bucket was coming along - after looking at pics he was impressed and asked me if I could help him out - building a Model A hot rod?

He proceded to tell me that he owns his grandfather's 27 or 28 (he is not sure) Model A - he said that he has the complete car, but in pieces, minus the floor (which was wood as best he can recall). The car is / was complete then taken apart by his dad to restore, but that never happend. He owns the paperwork for it as well.

The car is in different garage's and basements among his family - been like that for over 40 years. He is starting to gather them and bring them to his house.

He does not want it restored, he wants to make a drive able hot rod - nothing too fancy. Small block and an automatic.

He is sending me pics and I will post them when I get them, but to be honest with him and all of you - I know I can get it together, but I don't know the first thing about Model A's as far as value and what parts to keep and what to sell or replace.

For example - In the pics - I saw the completed rear assembly with spoke rims, radiator , head lights (which I am sure are 6 volt), steel body, not sure if he has the glass, frame, front rims / tires and front end.

No interior, except for some rotten floor sections of hardwood - tossed off on the side. As best I can tell in the pics he has the front and rear glass, but no side glass although it is hard to make out.

He said he has the engine and transmission as well. (not sure what they are yet)

Is something like this worth making into a hot rod or restoring or parting out and using the steel body on a modern frame with an updated rear end and suspension.

I know these are a lot of questions (especially without pics and without knowing the shape of everything), but I really dont want to lead him down the wrong path... any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Northstar T 03-02-2011 05:11 PM

What style does he want to end up with? high boy, full fendered? channeled? Chopped??
Does he have the fenders and running boards?
No frame????
No front axle assy????
sounds like a candidate for custom roller frame assy to sit his body on, but hard to know without more info.
It's always best not to throw anything away until the car is done the way he wants it.
We love our Model A for cooler weather cruising.



dangileri 03-02-2011 10:24 PM

From the pics I have seen it is a sedan (flat back with a rectangle window) - not sure what path he wants to take yet - I think he has the whole car all original minus the wooden sections, but I'll find out more over the next few weeks as I go with him to gather the parts. I guess one of the other questions would be, restore or cut apart ? As I would hate to start modifying something where all of the parts are there (but not assembled) if it is considered an "icon" or part of history so to speak and should be restored vs become a hot rod ?

dangileri 03-02-2011 10:25 PM

Northstar T - By the way - very nice car... Used for the cooler days??? How many cars do you have ? ;)

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