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Zack 12-23-2010 10:11 PM

Need Your Help Finding this T-Bucket
Ok guys, the story all starts about 1975 in Jackson, Ms. My dad started building a 1923 T-Bucket from scratch. It took him approx. 4 years to complete but when he did it was a show piece for the 70's era. In 1979 he sold the car to a friend just down the road from dad's business. In 1980 we left Jackson, Ms and moved to Laramie, Wy for a few years. Eventually we moved back to Jackson. I went to see the car and the guy he sold it to had stored it in a shop building where it sat collecting dust, dirt and grim. Years later i was told he sold the car to a man who lived at the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Jackson. This is where the car becomes a mystery. No one seems to know what happened to the car after that. I recently spoke to the guy who painted the car years ago and he said he saw a man driving it a couple years ago around the Jackson area (near the Jackson Airport). I am DESPERATELY trying to locate the car and i need your help. I watched dad build this car from nothing to a "World of Wheels" Show winner. It has a tremendous amount of sentimental value to me. The last time i saw the car (25+ years ago) it had tru-spoke wheels and a blower on it. If anyone has seen this car of has any knowledge of who owns it please contact me. I would greatly appreciate. I am going to assume the car is still in the Jackson, Ms area.

Identifiers are:
The color is a 1976 Cadillac Firethorn red, It has a BIG pinstriped letter "T" on the cowling area just below the windshield, solid brass radiator, the steering column is straight up as is the windshield. It has tan leather rolled and pleated interior with a solid walnut dashboard.

No luck tracking it by VIN or LP. Dad no longer has any records of that info.

These photos were taken at the 1979 World of Wheels Car Show in Jackson, Ms.


Zack 04-10-2011 12:22 PM


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