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Default Mounting Shocks

I'm replacing the friction shocks on the front of my T with chrome tube shocks. Maybe someone can tell me if I'm overthinking the conversion...

The first image below shows how the friction shocks are connected. The second is a sketch of my proposed redesign. I intend to mill the bracket from 3/8" aluminum plate and cut several mounting holes up and down the bracket. That will let me to lay the shock back at various angles to tune it.

I was initially thinking I could simply mount the shocks to the axle and brackets with the eyes facing sideways. However, I'm concerned about the way these cars allow the axle to shift sideways on the spring shackles going over bumps (no panhard rod on mine). I'm worried this sideways force will damage the shocks.

At this point, I'm thinking that I need to bolt rod ends (heims) to the brackets and run the shocks with the eyes facing forward. Female heims could be bolted directly to the brackets at top and bottom.

Is this overkill?


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