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Default Folding Top?

New guy here, so go easy...

I've been riding a motorcycle to work the last five years, but the increasing traffic and crazies on cell phones are starting to get to me. So, as I'm getting older and thinking more about safety first, I decided to get a T-bucket. It's due to be loaded on the truck today, and I should have it within a week.

Now, just like the motorcycle, I plan to drive this almost everyday to work. I have a backup for days when I know it will rain, but there will be times the forecast is wrong or I forget to pay attention. I'm also planning to drive it in the winter, and that means I have to survive temps at least into the 20s, just like riding the bike. We don't get a lot of precipitation here, so unlike many parts of the country, winter usually means I only have to brave the cold, not bad road conditions.

Anyway, this all means the bucket will need to be configured to handle this, and the first thing I'll need is a top. In my case, the bucket has no doors, and I don't think I can get in and out with a fixed top. So, my first question is whether anyone here on the forum has had a folding top built, and if so, who did the work? Second, I've noticed there are generally two types of cloth tops. The first uses a relatively lightweight frame like those sold by Speedway. These mount on the rim of the bucket. The second type uses a heavier frame with a lower strut that mounts on a pivot point on the outside of the bucket, two or three inches below the rim. Does anyone know who sells the heavier frames? I haven't seen them anywhere except completed cars.

Any help with this will be very much appreciated.

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