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Lee, according to the documentation that came with the car, these are '74-'80 Mustang II brakes mounted on '49-'54 Chevy spindles. The car was built in the early 2000s using a Speedway kit (#916-31905) for the front brakes. I think there's a safety washer under the heims at each end of the tie rod. I'll double-check that tomorrow. It's difficult to adjust the rears for a drag, although I managed it on one of them. The thing is, there aren't any slots in the drums for an adjustment tool. The drums have to be slid over the shoes after the adjuster is tightened, so it's tricky to get them just right.

Old Round Fart, thanks regarding the bolts. Yes, I think you're probably right about the air pocket. I've run into that on my Triumph motorcycle. In that case, I not only had to tilt the caliper, the piston had to be pushed all the way in and held in that position while bleeding. The dark circles are absolutely smooth. I think they're just stains from the brake pads because the car sat so long. It probably also saw more than one episode of solitary confinement, thus the multiple patterns. I think the shoes will be OK now that they're cleaned. Paint thinner (mineral spirits) has an advantage over brake cleaner because it A) doesn't eat your paint and B) takes several minutes to evaporate and dry. That gives it time to penetrate and dissolve grease and oil. When I was done, the shoes looked brand new, and nothing more could be coaxed out onto the cleaning cloth.

So, tomorrow I'll probably pull the front calipers, inspect the pads and bleed again. On the other hand, a pair of shiny chrome windshield posts just arrived, and they really need a new home. Then there's the new Speedway tube shocks that came in the mail yesterday. Ahhh, so much chrome, so little time...

Thanks guys!

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