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This isn't the place for this, but Bob needs the traffic, so here it goes.

The lettering on the back says "not yours". Don't know what that's about. Bought it from a biker so I guess it means something! It was running (sorta) so when I got it home on the hook I pulled the plugs and they were fuel fowled. It's a flat head so I thought this is not going to be pretty! Compression was 95-105 so I bought tune up stuff. Power valve was stuck open so the rebuild on the carb solved that. I installed a Pertronics module to replace points and the motor is pretty good now. The floor shifter is junk so I'm looking for replacement or stock arms to put it back on the column. Anybody got a spare shoe box in the back yard for parts? Once I get that done I will be working on the door hinges, then windows. I registered for KKOA event in Tx. for mid Sept. so I guess I miss the bash. Eventually I hope to make a mild custom driver out of it. It has lowering blocks and dropped spindles with power disk brakes so some flat black paint until I decide on a color. Old school custom for sure.

Lee, see what you did to me when you bought that chopped coupe!
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