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OK, I'm making progress. I pulled the rear drums first so I could inspect/adjust the shoes and check for any leaks. There was no noticeable wear on the drums or shoes, so I suspect the rears had never actually been set up. In the process of wiping everything down with paint thinner, quite a bit of black grease/oil came off the shoes. I think this was due to carelessness when the brakes were first installed. There was an excess of moly grease in several areas where it wasn't really needed. I didn't see any signs of anything leaking from either the axle or brake cylinders. Quite a few turns of the adjusters were needed to bring the shoes against the drums, but I didn't see anything else wrong.

Next, I flushed all the fluid out of the system. I have a handheld vacuum bleeder, so it isn't necessary to have fluid in the master when flushing. Rather than mix new fluid with the old, I used a turkey baster to empty both reservoirs. Then I connected the bleeder and pulled all the fluid out of the bleeder valves, starting with the left rear. After the system was empty, I refilled the master cylinder and bled the system as usual.

The result of all this is that the brakes are much, much better now. I'm not sure the front end pull is completely gone, or that the system isn't still "biased" toward the front. However, the rears are definitely working now, and the car stops much faster.

I still need to pull the front calipers, and I could use confirmation on how they should be removed. There are two photos of the front spindles below. In the second shot, I've circled the two fasteners I think have to be removed in order to remove the caliper. The one in the upper left is a large socket head (allen) cap screw. The lower fastener is a short bolt with a Nyloc on the inside. I've run out of steam for this today, so it's a good time to quit. If someone can confirm that I'm on the right track with those two bolts, I'll inspect the front pads tomorrow.

Thanks for everyone's help!


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