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Originally Posted by Mikes27T View Post
Ok so I'm trying to get my 27T body to fit right on the frame and I'm about to pull my hair out. The body came pre drilled for the body mounts on the frame. I can get the front body mount bolts in "ok" but no such luck with the back body mount bolts. I can get one bolt in on the rear on either side but not both at the same time. So I'm taking measurements from the body to the frame to get it to sit right but I can't seem to get the body to sit right. Please see pictures.

When I take measure ments from this location (from inner side of the body to frame) I get the same measurements on both sides telling me it's even. (with one of the rear body mount bolts in place)

But when I measure from these locations the body is off by about a 1/2 inch from side to side. So on top it's even but on the bottom of the body It's off.

In this picture you can also see how much the body mount hole is off by.

So I'm not sure what to do here. I know I need to drill new rear holes for the body mounts but how the heck do you measure when the body is off like this? Even with the front body mount bolts in place the body is not even in front from side to side.

Help or tips would be great as I don't want my 27 to look stupid going down the road. Better to figure this out now then after I put even more time into this thing.
If I understand you right.I would take all the body bolts out and square up the body on the frame to see how far off the mounts or holes are. my guess is they all are a little off. Then you can decide how you want to fix it. you do have a few options. you can ream out the frame mounting holes if they are not to far off. or weld the holes up and re drill them.
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