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Originally Posted by 3quarter32 View Post
Your gettin there Mike, and lookin good. Before you finalize, turn the rear radius bar over. It should be an "S", unless you did that on purpose. Sorry, had to nit pick. Your can do it to me next time. The picture from the rear angle shows the tires more in porportion, and gives it the best look. Ya, tires and wheels make a bunch of difference. What you planning on for that?
I don't think that's nit picking! I think that's help! That's for letting me know. I have an idea for what I want as far as wheels/tires. I know I don't like big balloon type rear tires like on a lot of T buckets. I'm thinking 275 60 15's in the rear and 185 or 195 front tires.

For rims I'm thinking steel smoothies from Rally America sizes will be 15X10 rear and 15X6 fronts.

I don't know why in the pictures the front tires look SOO much bigger than the rears. They are all the same exact size. Must be the angles I'm taking the pictures.

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