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Frank, I'm completely on board with you on the heims and clevis ends. They just don't look stout enough for me either but I know a very good T bucket builder that has absolutely no problem with them and running the car hard with them too. A safety washer on the heims on the bolt head side is a mandatory thing for me. On the clevis ends I'm going to use a safety wire, when I do some upgrades this winter.

I also had to use some grade 8 fasteners to get a decent torque value on the clevis because I was getting movement there and it was causing popping and growning at the clevis to rear end mount. There should be no movement where the clevis and frame mount meets. Polished stainless 5/16" bolts for the clevis look great but are not a functional wise choice in my opinion here. I like your choice, think you are on the right track. I also like the triangulated 4 bar rear setup for my next T, no need to have that rear panhard that takes up space for a decent size fuel tank.
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