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My '23 T Bucket build. One piece at a time.

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My '23 T Bucket build. One piece at a time.
First shot is the engine and tranny installed. They dropped in like they were meant to.

The second shot shows the headers I'm running. Hey!? Who's that cool guy!?

The next shot shows the extentions as well as the driveshaft. They were donated by "Blown T" from the NTBA. They were originaly 26", but I cut them down to get the look of the headers on Norm G's "Lightnin' Bug".

I have decided to go with either a chopped '32 Ford grill shell (Norm G's "Lightnin' Bug" is a big inspiration) or a chrome '28/'29 Model A grill shell, so the next couple shots show the radiator. I hooked up my hoses and let her run for 15 or 20 minutes. Sweet song of the south!

Next, I finally got my steering box installed. So, sitting around on a lazy Sunday, I decided to take my chassis for a spin. You can view the video on YouTube. Go to YouTube and search: My 23 T Bucket rolling chassis

I had played with the thought of using a '32 grill shell, then a '28 Model A. I went with the chrome Model A shell from Speedway Motors. Half the cost AND shiney! I think it came out great. I also installed a Lokar 6" shifter. it looks cool and it's the right proportions for the car.

Mucho progress! I got my body! I also installed my seat bottom, gas peddle and throttle linkage. Needless to say, I took her for her first "power run"! VERY, VERRRRRY fast! I freakin' love it!

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Member: tfeverfred
Created: 09-29-2007 10:28 AM
Last Modified: 01-28-2008 09:16 PM
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Author Comment Date
tfeverfred Thanks! I got the '28 Model A radiator shell from Speedway! A little over $100. Money well spent, considering no one makes chrome '23 shells. 02-22-2008
Friona High School Nice radiator shell--where did it come from? 02-22-2008
tfeverfred I'm using a Watts linkage and hairpin style radius rods. Nothing fancy, just functional. 12-28-2007
llonning Nice setup!!!!!!! What kind of linkage are you using on the rear axle?? I seem to remember it from my earlier years, but can't rember know. 12-15-2007
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