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23t and 25 c-cab

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23t and 25 c-cab
The C-cab has a working slot car track and a crane machine. I have a DVD player with 2 screens and mp3 player in the front with 2- 6 by 9 -4 way speakers and 2-5 inch 2 way speakers in the over head . The toys are all set up to play for free. I thought it would be nice to have a streetrod that people could touch and play with. We can have slot car races while the girls pull up their chairs in the front and watch a movie! There are 2 batterys that power all the stuff. One deep cycle to run all the toys and one 820 cca to start the and run the truck. there is a kill switch between the 2 batterys. So if one runs down you can still start the truck, and charge the other battery back up! I hope to have this finished by june! The t bucket has a 350/350. It is done on the untouchables! It has working switch blade knifes on the valve covers. A cleaver 22 5 shot pistol for the shifter. It also has hand cuffs on the back that i use for luggage racks. I just put the chairs on the back and hook a bunggy cord thru them and under the pick up bed to hold them on! It also has brass knuckes for the gas cap. A sony cd player powers the tunes inside. The paint is PPG grey with silver metal flake inside and out. The bullet holes have fiber glass dripped out of them and painted red to look like its bleeding. It has a 3-D look and feel to it. I have had the best time listening to people talk about the car and touching it. After they touch it you hear them say Thats NOT real blood!! Cracks me up every time! If you have any questions or want more pics just holler at me i will be glad to help!! Thanks BC and Sir william for this great site!! Happy hotrodding! Hankster
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Member: Hankster
Created: 04-08-2007 09:24 AM
Last Modified: 04-08-2007 10:36 AM
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Hankster Hey B.C. I dont know what it was about thoese cars but they were all cool. I still have a few die cast of them!! The boot hill express was another one of my favorite cars. Maybe you could do a one off car of the boot hill express out of your death car unstead of selling it? You have the right motor and slicks to go on it. Just a thought! The munsters car was made from 3 t bucket's. i shure wish you still had some of the old HO slot cars. I can find some of the old model A's and vetts on e bay but they want too much for them to just take out and run them. Well im glad you gave up the slot cars for the real cars!! The Sei Rei Ric Shaw you built is reall cool !! That took alot of thought and the work on it is outstanding. I had the pleasure of drooling over it in Kansas City ! Thanks for building off the wall cars for us to enjoy! Hope to talk to you soon!! http://www.hearse.com/vehicles/motorized/cunningham/unknown/hearse/v001/pa.html 04-24-2007
B.C. I was always a fan of Tom Daniel not to mention Roth. Barris, Starbird ect. and built all those crazy models when I was a kid. Not to many years ago I owned a hobby shop a with a RC track and 2 large 8 lane slot car tracks 24th scale and HO scale I would have never thought of building a rolling slot car track I bet it is a real crowd pleaser. 04-23-2007
Hankster Hey B.C. Thanks for the kind words!!! That means alot to me comming from a great builder like you. This is only my second car to build from the ground!!! Any way the idea came from the popcorn wagon! i always loved that truck and have always like the off the wall cars. I just started working off that idea and wanted something that people could touch and play with at the car shows! I wish i could bring it this year and the T but i dont have a truck or trailer to get them there and back on! I am hoping i can fix that problem by next year. I will have the c cab finished and im looking for a new pick up and used trailer over the next year. Then i will be out to see you guys for sure!! Thanks again for the kind words and a great web site!! 04-13-2007
B.C. That C cab is the coolest thing ever. I sure hope you will be at the Bash with it . Realy it is to cool and I can't wait to see it in person. What inspired the idea? 04-13-2007
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