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1927 T Roadster Back together for the last time...hopefully

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1927 T Roadster Back together for the last time...hopefully
Well, I am almost done. Should not have taken 3 months off during the cold. These are photos of the chassis on the stands after being taken apart for the last time and later this morning on the jackstands.

I have bent and run all lines, tapped all holes and used stainless everywhere (1/4-20) for line clamps. Disassembled once again for chassis paint.

Much easier to work on up on the tall sawhorses. Blue straps are my lifting straps used with the engine hoist.

Reassembled all fittings, lines, brakes, fuel cell, etc. and started back together on Wed of this week.

Pretty good views of the fuel cell install for those who have asked.

Late this morning it was back on the jackstands for reinstalling the front and rear axle components and squaring.

Good old string lines, tape, and plumb bobs.

Plan to take body back to Spirit for painting next week.

Grill and windshield posts are on the way back from the polisher, and the radiator is here for the track nose.

Car will be at Bucket Bash and will be for sale as a turnkey vehicle. Quality car. The best of everything.

Last photos on jackstands are not at ride height and the radius rods are the only thing attached. This is for squaring. Just an FYI.
chassis one

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