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23 spirit car

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23 spirit car

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Member: bucket nut
Created: 11-19-2007 06:13 PM
Last Modified: 11-19-2007 06:17 PM
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Babyburr Thanks, that would be great! 11-29-2007
bucket nut The winsheild post a are from Total performance. They worked very well on the Spirit body. Not sure how wide the frame is, but I can find out. The frame came from CCR. The frame for the top I custom made myself. I can find some pictures and put them up for you. 11-28-2007
Babyburr I really like the laid back windshield. How wide is it? I'm going to be getting a T from Spirit, but their windshields don't look like they lean back that much. Is that the Performer windshield kit?
bucket nut Hi, no the top and wincheild are not from Spirit. The body is, the wincheild posts are from Total performnance, I liked the degree of the angle, and the frame is from California Custom Roadster, I had them make the frame 2 inches taller. I liked their frame because it was solid alumminum, better than hollow thin wall tubing with a piece of steel inside. I made the top frame and hinges myself and then had the upholstry shop cover it for me. 11-26-2007
Babyburr What is that windshield, top combo you have? Is that from Spirit? 11-23-2007
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