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Default Fuel Sending Units

Before Installing Your Fuel Gauge

If you plan to replace your fuel gauge or sender, it is important to know the resistance of both your sender and gauge to determine they will work together. Every fuel-level gauge is designed to work with a specific fuel-level sender, and every sender is designed with a specific resistive input range (measured in Ohms).

On the top of your sender, you will find a couple of wires. Because there are so many variations from one to the next, you can always refer to your owner’s manual or shop manual to determine which wire is linked from the sender directly to the gauge.

To measure the resistance, disconnect the plug at the sender and use the digital multi-meter set to Ohms.

NOTE: Depending on how your sender is grounded, do one of the following:
1.If the sender is grounded through the fuel tank, connect one lead of the multi-meter to the sender wire and the other lead to the body of the sender.
2.If the sender is not grounded through the fuel tank, connect one lead of the meter to the sender wire and the other lead to the ground wire of the sender.

Measure the resistance when the tank is empty and again when the tank is full. Once you know both values, refer to the chart to select the right fuel gauge. Always be sure of what your existing gauge requires.

Common Values

Ohms/Resistance (Empty-Full)

Popular Models

0-90 Ohms Most GM midsize cars, from '65 to present
73-10 Ohms Most Ford and Chrysler prior to 1989
240-33.5 Ohms Industry Standard, Auto meter, Stewart warner, Classic Instruments, Many popular cars
0-30 Ohms Most GM midsize cars prior to 1965
16-158 Ohms Most Fords 1989 and newer
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